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March 1, 2007 - Rob will be performing with Overdrive Superthruster at the Shamrock Festival at RFK Stadium on Saturday, March 10, 2007. Come on out and see the band on the Polaris/Century 21 Stage at high noon. Steve Johnson on vocals/guitar, Rob on guitar/vocals, Chris Rossbach of The Plunge on bass/vocals, and Pete Kidd on drums.

October 28, 2005 - "Tell Me" and "This Bag is Not a Toy" from Memory Random are finalists in the 22nd annual Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Contest in the Rock/Alternative category. Both songs finished in the Top 5!

September 19, 2005 - In studio news, D.C. hard rock band, OFFICIAL, releases its debut disk, Notice. Recorded and mixed by Rob Flowers in his home studio. Check it out at http://www.official-music.com/goods.htm. It's very heavy and very good. These guys rock, and they made Rob's 24-track analog board sizzle.

July 5, 2005 - The new CD, Memory Random, was released. Leap to CDBaby for a listen, or check out the music link.

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